What is ROK Mobile?

ROK Mobile is a  SIM only and music streaming service whose mission is to revolutionise the way people use their mobile phones and how they consume music.

Launched in the UK in August 2015, it has the first ever phone and music streaming package in the UK.

It offers users music streaming, unlimited calls and texts and data on a monthly basis, and with its catalogue of over 20 million songs from the industry’s biggest artists and major and independent labels it claims to offer users a unique service of a monthly fee of £25, with a test-drive package of limited calls and texts, plus 500MB of data, for a one off fee of £10.

On ROK Mobile’s website it offers customers ‘Plus plans’ where users can also get breakdown cover, personal accident insurance and funeral expenses cover bundled with their mobile phone and music streaming service, which seems a bit random. I mean, why not offer a subscription to Gardeners World Magazine and as much printer ink as you can use with it too??

ROK Mobile’s music streaming service is completely ad free and will use Three as its mobile carrier.

ROK Mobile’s streaming service is available only to its mobile subscribers and will allow users to stream, create playlists and download tunes for when no internet access is available.

Already a significant player in the US marketplace ROK Mobile is powered by leading global digital music and radio platform 7digital.

ROK Digital launched in the US a year prior to launching in the UK where it proved successful.

ROK Digital already sponsors Bolton Wanderers in the English Championship, whose fans can donate money to the club’s official charity by signing up to ROK Mobile’s monthly service.

Williams New Title Sponsor?

Should the Williams FW42 be painted in the colours of ROK Mobile, it would mean a new red livery for the 2019 Formula 1 season.

The Williams Formula 1 team last painted their cars red when a sponsorship deal with Winfield in 1998 led to the Williams FW20 and FW21 being painted predominantly red – the colours of their title sponsor: a departure from the traditionally blue colour schemes sported by most other Williams, post 1984.