Williams Team Past & Present

Williams have employed some of the sport's best talents and brightest minds over the years, some of whom have changed the sport forever and earned the team a great deal of success.

Mike Coughlan

Chief Engineer Years active: 2011 to 2013

Adam Parr

CEO and Chairman Years active: 2006 to 2012

Enrique Scalabroni

Designer Years active: 1985 to 1989

Neil Oatley

Engineer Years active: 1977 to 1984

Sam Michael

Technical Director Years active: 2001 to 2011

Frank Dernie

Designer & Aerodynamicist Years active: 1978 to 1988

Paddy Lowe

Chief Technical Officer Years active: 1987 to 1993 & 2017 to 2019

Claire Williams

Deputy Team Principal Years active: 2002 to present

Patrick Head

Technical Director Years active: 1977 to 2012

Adrian Newey

Engineer Years active: 1991 to 1997

Sir Frank Williams

Team Principal Years active: 1977 to present

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