ROKiT is a US telecoms giant who have announced that it’s launching an Android 3D mobile smartphone in the UK.

ROKiT phones previewed its mobile phone range at the Pepcom Digital Experience in Las Vegas in 2019, where, along with its design and use of technology, it gained serious attention due to its affordable pricing plans and the bundle of services that come with ROK Mobile.

Still yet to launch in the UK and the US, ROKiT is on the horizon and looking for ways to push awareness in its brand.

It features a growing library of 3D content – animation, feature films and TV series’ along with exclusive ROKiT media – that can be experienced without the need for 3D glasses.

ROKiT phones chairman said of the firm’s smartphones:

“ROKiT phones are made in the same factories, often from the same components and to similar specifications as much higher-priced devices from the well known brands”

“We prove that great smartphones don’t have to be super expensive. We make them affordable and by adding value with our ROK life services we are providing a unique package that everyone should have access to.”

ROKiT’s branding is similar to that of ROK Mobile, with a bold white font, with black and white semi-circles making up the ‘o’, contrasting with a red background.

While it’s unusual to have a Williams with title sponsor whose main brand is red (last seen on the Williams FW20 and Williams FW21 of 1998 and 1999), many fans remember those liveries fondly, and though a departure from the largely blue and white liveries of most Williams’ a completely new colour scheme for 2019 would sit nicely with the new dawn the Williams F1 team are looking for after a disastrous season in 2018 at the end of which, Williams’ title sponsorship deal with Martini came to an end.

I would welcome the Williams FW42 lining up in Australia for the first Grand Prix of the 2019 Formula 1 season painted red.