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Former Williams driver Bottas backs Kubica to help lift team

January 7, 2019

Mercedes Formula 1 driver Valtteri Bottas has given his support to his former team Williams and the direction they’ve taken after enduring a torrid couple of seasons culminating in a season long struggle with a fundamentally flawed FW41 leaving the team in their worst ever drivers’ and constructors’ championship position.

Indeed, since Bottas left Williams for Mercedes in the wake of then F1 World Champion Nico Rosberg’s surprise retirement at the end of the 2016 season, the Grove team have scored just four top-six finishes with a declining yearly points total that reached an all-time low in 2018 when they scored a lowly seven points – a quarter of that of their nearest rivals.

But Valtteri Bottas believes that Williams choice of drivers will give the team and its fans optimism for the year ahead.

With Britain’s George Russell – a driver many people are touting as a future Mercedes F1 driver and a potential World Champion – in one car, and Grand Prix winner Robert Kubica making his Formula 1 return in the other, Williams have all the talent they need to make their way up the grid.

I know how difficult it is to keep up the motivation and the good spirit when things are tough.”

“Maybe a new drivers’ line-up will bring more positivity and things to look forward.”

They’ll be full of energy, both drivers, for the great opportunity they’re both having. Hopefully that will help put Williams where they deserve to be and not where they are now.

Claire Williams has already spoken about Kubica’s fighting spirit and how it’s affecting the outlook of the team. He’s been given a second chance in Formula 1 when many people thought his career was over and he’ll be determined to make a success of it.

Combine this with the energy and enthusiasm that George Russell, on the eve of his first season in a hopefully lengthy and wildly successful Formula 1 career, will undoubtedly bring, and Williams, and fans of Williams have much to be optimistic about.

I just hope that in the Williams FW42 Paddy Lowe and Williams are able to give their two drivers a car they deserve.

Oh, and if anyone has any tips on how to write mildly interesting articles about Formula 1 when it’s the close season and there’s the square root of f*ck all going on I’d be delighted to hear from you!


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