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Formula 1 Team budgets for 2018

September 4, 2018

I just thought I’d do a little comparison of each of the team budgets (from Auto Bild) in Formula 1 for 2018 to see who’d providing value for money and who should be doing better.

Team Budget* WCC position Position +/- £ per point (to date)
Mercedes £400m 1 £964k
Ferrari £390m 2 £1m
Red Bull £315m 3 £1.3m
McLaren £225m 6 -2 £4.3m
Renault £180m 4 +1 £2.1m
Sauber £122m 9 -3 £6.4m
Williams £122m 10 -3 £17.4m
Toro Rosso £113m 8 £3.8m
Haas £100m 5 +4 £1.3m
Force India £100m 4** +5 £1.1m

**Hypothetically, based on points earned by Force India & Racing Point Force India combined

So from a ‘bang for your buck’ perspective, Force India are definitely punching above their weight (if you take into account all points they’ve accrued in either guise), whereas Williams are the most costly to run if value for money is calculated on a pounds per point basis.

Where this comparison falls down is the support that ‘buddy’ teams are getting that can’t be measured financially. Toro Rosso, Haas and Sauber are all benefitting from this and so you’d expect them to perform above where their budget suggests.


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