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Jacques Villeneuve says he thinks the Williams Formula 1 team is ‘dead’

July 27, 2018

Jacques Villeneuve, Former F1 driver and the Williams Formula 1 Team’s last World Champion has said that he thinks his former team has found itself in a position from which it can not come back.

Never usually shy of sharing his typically outspoken views on all things Formula 1, Villeneuve has also revealed who he thinks is responsible for its current predicament.

‘You first have to look at the top of the pyramid’ he said in an interview with

While Villeneuve clearly thinks Claire Williams is to blame, the team, and Claire are remaining pragmatic yet optimistic, maintaining what we all hope to be true, that this is merely a blip for Williams, and once they get to the bottom of their aerodynamic frailties, they will, once again, be able to compete with the world’s best.


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