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Kubica to DTM?

September 16, 2019

There seem to be two schools of thought on Robert Kubica‘s return to Formula 1:

The first is that he’s being sabotaged a Williams team who unfairly favour their British compatriot George Russell at the expense of a dastardly foreign interloper.

If that’s not making things difficult enough for poor old Robert, he is also (according to some people) being undermined by Williams’ engine supplier Mercedes Benz who are keen to make their young protege Russell look like a world beater in comparison to his once-great team-mate who finds himself helpless to overcome the many obstacles that are being unscrupulously and deliberately piled in his way.

Then there are rational F1 people who can see that despite Williams having one of their poorest seasons to date, they are not unfairly favouring one of their drivers over the other by giving Kubica inferior equipment (both drivers have that!), and that if Mercedes Benz felt they had to give their starlet an advantage for him to beat an ageing (in F1 terms) team-mate with a disability who’s been out of the sport for eight years, it’s highly likely that he wouldn’t be part of their future plans for very much longer!!

Those fans are able to see that Kubica just isn’t doing a good enough job to justify his seat at the top table of motorsport.

One thing both parties will be able to agree on, though, is that Robert Kubica’s Formula 1 comeback has been a far cry from the triumph we all hoped it would be as it quickly became obvious he and Williams were in for a season long struggle to compete.

It seems now that Poland’s only Formula 1 driver is approaching the end of his Formula 1 career without showing a single glimpse of the form that prompted many fans to once mention him in the same breath as multiple world champions Hamilton, Vettel and Alonso.

Although Kubica remains among ‘a handful’ of drivers Williams are weighing up for next year according to Deputy Team Principal Claire Williams, Kubica has long-since acknowledged that he is keeping his options open, and that he has other opportunities available to him.

One such potential opportunity has surfaced this week with Audi motorsport boss Dieter Gass admitting that he’s spoken to Kubica’s management regarding a drive in German Touring cars (DTM) in 2020.

Gass admitted in an interview with Autosport that he’s spoken to Kubica’s management and that he remains an “Interesting driver for sure”.

However he added that it’s “a bit early to comment too much into details of the driver situation for our factory drivers”.

Kubica would join a plethora of ex-F1 drivers to star in DTM, including Paul Di Resta, Timo Glock and Pascal Wehrlein of late, but as a Grand Prix winner would be one of the bigger names to join the series in the past decade or so, something Gass believes is good news for DTM.

You start to see that the interest in the DTM is increasing, even in the categories that are supposed to be above the DTM, and I think this itself is a very good sign“.


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