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Williams brings new front wing to the German Grand Prix in an attempt to resolve aerodynamic issues

July 27, 2018

Williams have brought an updated front wing to this weekend’s German Grand Prix along with a number of other aerodynamic improvements in an effort to solve the instability issues that blighted their British Grand Prix weekend where both cars were forced to start from the pitlane.

The team are hoping that this might improve the balance of the car rather than improving overall speed, in an effort to allow both Sergei Sirotkin and Lance Stroll to feel more comfortable and confident in the car, meaning they can push harder, indirectly improving lap times.

Being able to manage the airflow across all the surfaces of the FW41 has been a real struggle for the Williams Team this season, and masks what is fundamentally a good car. Getting this right could be the key to their season, and their lead into next.

Let’s hope for signs of improvement soon!


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