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New title sponsor for Williams

February 7, 2019

On Monday 11th February Williams will launch their new livery for the 2019 season and also, and rather excitingly, they will also announce a new title sponsor.

While the Williams FW42 won’t make an appearance for a little while longer, fans will get to see a Williams decked out in their new colour scheme for the first time.

Many fans had resigned themselves to Williams being without a title sponsor for the new F1 season, which would have led to a bare and quite frankly pretty sad paint job.

There’s every chance that it might be an energy drinks company that people doubt even exist (Miaow), however, there’s no harm in dreaming that it’s going to be a real game changer, like a Microsoft, an Apple or an Amazon.

Whoever it is, I hope they’ve got good branding because the look of your title sponsor goes a long way to defining the identity of a car for the duration of the deal.

I also hope, and given that it’s Williams and they’re always super careful about these things – presume, that whoever the sponsor turns out to be, that they’re stable, that they’re in F1 for the long haul and that they have deep pockets and not afraid to put their hands in them.

Soon after the livery launch and new sponsor announcement, Williams will launch the FW42 – the car they will use in pre-season testing in Barcelona which starts on Monday 18th February.

The Williams FW42 is also the car the Williams team will use throughout the duration of the 2019 Formula 1 season, and the one they hope will carry its two new drivers, Robert Kubica and Britain’s George Russell to a healthy place in the Formula 1 World Championship after a disappointing 2018.

It feels like the 2019 Formula 1 season is about to start in earnest after a long and boring close season!


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