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‘Racing mentality’ won out in Kubica Williams decision

January 5, 2019

Robert Kubica has told Autosport that it was a difficult decision to turn down the offer to be 2019 Formula 1 reserve and development driver at Ferrari, but in the end he chose the option to drive for Williams because of the challenge that lies ahead.

Admitting that he was sorely tempted by the Ferrari role – a team that he was contracted to join before his rally accident in 2011 – Kubica said that he was happy with his decision.

“I had some opportunity [the Ferrari role] which I think was very interesting and it was not easy to say no.”

“In the end I am a racing driver, even though I haven’t been racing [in Formula 1] for quite a long time.”

“This racing mentality has won out.”

“I have a great opportunity and it is a happy ending to the long journey I have been on.”

Kubica also alluded to the effort that has gone in to getting him back into the F1 fold after such a long absence.

“It’s not easy to become an F1 driver. It’s not easy to convince people you can do it and establish yourself in an F1 paddock…You have to have a lot of drive to do it…I went through this twelve years ago, and in the end, I said I think I have the energy to do it again.”

Kubica’s last race in Formula 1 was in the 2010 season before he crashed his Skoda rallycar in the Ronde di Andorra rally, severing his right arm and ending, seemingly permanently, his F1 career in the process. He returns to Formula 1 in 2019 with the Williams team after an absence of eight full seasons.

He will partner Britain’s George Russell in driving the Williams FW42, debuting at the Australian Grand Prix in Albert Park, Melbourne on 17th March 2019.


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