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Stroll vs Sirotkin in 2018: A comparison

September 25, 2018

They say a driver’s real benchmark in Formula 1 is his teammate so I thought I’d do a quick comparison between the two Williams drivers to see which of Lance Stroll and Sergey Sirotkin is having the better season.

From a points scoring perspective, Stroll is ahead by 6 points to 1 by virtue of an 8th and a 9th place finish, compared to Sirotkin’s solitary 10th in Monza.

Winner: Lance

In races where they’ve both finished, it’s a tie for who’s finished ahead (of the two) at five apiece.

Winner: Draw

Sirotkin has suffered one more retirement than has Stroll, with one crash each. A Williams Martini Racing car failing to make the chequered flag due to unreliability on just three occasions in 2018, which is testament to the build quality of the car, if not its speed or performance!

Winner: Draw

In qualifying – perhaps a better indicator of raw speed – Sirotkin has outqualified Stroll seven times to Stroll’s five, and in dry conditions is on average one hundreth of a second quicker per lap.

Winner: Sergey

Now, I know it’s not always as easy as that to gauge who’s driving better, but it’s a decent indicator of how the season is progressing for the two team mates.

Overall winner: Draw

It’s probably not as one-sided as Stroll and his camp would like it to be in a season where his benchmark is an F1 rookie.

And with Stroll’s impending move up the grid to Racing Point Force India he’s going to want to finish the season strongly to avoid more accusations of nepotism and that he’s done very little to deserve the opportunity to oust talent like Ocon from the team.

To do this he ‘s going to have to really hammer Sirotkin in the remaining six races of the season.



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