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Texas Beat: Tough USGP for Williams

October 22, 2018

Nice Superted reference eh??

Even Spottyman couldn’t have zapped life into Williams’ pair of FW41s at this weekend’s USGP as both drivers failed to make it out of Q3, gained a couple of places thanks to grid penalties elsewhere, then lost them again on lap one where each Williams found its way into the side of a different McLaren.

Spottyman: 'Nothing I can do with this Williams I'm afraid'

With the race seriously compromised from the get-go, particularly Lance for whom damage was compounded by a penalty for causing a collision, it was a plod to the finish and a 15th for Sirotkin and Stroll one place back in 16th.

A far from delighted Paddy Lowe said after the USGP: ‘These aren’t the finishing positions we hoped for today and so we look forward to a better result in Mexico.’

You know it’s been a bad season when 15th and 16th place finishes is considered a decent result, but that’s exactly what it was. Decent. Not startling, hardly inspiring, but decent.

I’m hoping for better than decent in Mexico. Not expecting, just hoping.



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