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The next iceman cometh? Nyck De Vries linked with Williams F1 seat

November 5, 2018

Another day another driver is introduced to the bunfight for what looks like the sole remaining vacant seat on the Formula 1 grid for 2019. This time it’s Nyck De Vries.

Dutchman Nyck De Vries (whose surname translates into English as ‘The Freeze’), currently impressing in F2 where in 2018 he has scored three wins and McLaren development driver was reported to have received backing from Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo in an effort to secure a deal with Williams in F1 from 2019.

However, on hearing the rumours, Nyck De Vreis moved to play them down with a series of Twitter posts in which he clearly states that Jumbo aren’t currently, and have no intention of investing any money in his career.

The traction that Max Verstappen has gained in The Netherlands and the exposure that has given the sport will inevitably have the spotlight trained on the next potential Dutch driver to both build on Max’s success but to also relieve him of his role as his nation’s sole flag bearer in Formula 1.

This exposure should also surely encourage further investment in the sport from Dutch organisations on the eve of the Dutch Grand Prix being reintroduced onto the Formula 1 calendar after an absence of 34 or so years, prompted, again, by the success of Max Verstappen and the appetite of Dutch fans to travel abroad to see him race.

And this in turn should surely inspire the next generation of Dutch racing drivers to emulate their current figurehead.

From a Williams perspective, having a Dutch driver in one of their cars would give them great exposure in Holland and bring them support from a large passionate fanbase. Should he manage to get backing (which would appear to be a precursor for any deal) then he’d also bring a healthy wad of cash to the team too.

And from a Williams fan’s point of view (because other than to ensure survival and competitiveness, we’re not really too bothered about profit and loss or market share) young Nyck seems to be a very good racing driver, and so he’d be a healthy addition to any team in Williams’ current position.

I guess we’ll find out in the coming weeks and months whether Nyck ‘The Freeze’ proves to be a brrrrrrrrr-illiant addition to Williams, or whether there’s ‘snow’ chance of him getting the drive (yes, I really did just write that, and I am completely unashamed).


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