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Williams giant scalextric for sale

August 6, 2019

If you’re a Grand Prix fan of a certain age its almost guaranteed that you will have, at one time or another, owned a Scalextric set.

I know I did, and thought it was rather grand – built by my Dad and permanently set up in a corner of my bedroom, equipped with sandpaper gravel traps, green fabric runoff areas and handmade pit buildings.

But my pride and joy as a kiddywinkle was small fry compared to what is currently up for sale on online auction site eBay.

The giant digital Scalextric track that has entertained guests at Williams F1’s Grove Conference Centre since being installed in 2018 has been put up for sale.

Notable users have included current F1 stars George Russell and Robert Kubica amongst a host of other famous names.

The track is 18 metres long and features over 80 hand painted lead figures including Sir Frank Williams himself, everyone’s favourite loose cannon Eddie Jordan and a full Williams Racing pit crew.

It has a Monaco inspired tunnel section, fully working garage lights and lampposts and a four lane start/finish straight.

It has a helipad, equipped with medical helicopter whose rotor blades turn and a campsite in which there is a campfire (ahem, mustn’t have read the campsite rules on the sign on the way in!) that actually glows orange.

Laptimes are recorded digitally and so there’s no chance of a dodgy stopwatch operator casually manipulating times for their own gain as used to happen in my day!

Delivery and installation is included in the price, which currently sits at £520, although the reserve price is yet to be met, and so it’s likely to sell for a good deal more.

I can imagine it’s the sort of thing that an events company would love to have as part of their hospitality packages, so look out for it at a motor racing event near you sometime soon!

Check it out (and maybe slip in a cheeky bid!) here:


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