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Williams launches Global Fan Hub

October 26, 2021

Williams Racing has launched a new ‘Global fan hub’ – a fan initiative to try and better engage with its fanbase in the midst of the team’s best Formula 1 season in some time.

Netflix’s Drive to survive series – a sort of docu-soap that follows a number of different F1 narratives over the course of a season in an effort to give people a behind-the-scenes look at Formula 1 and bring the sport to a whole new audience – has done just that, and led to a spike in interest in a number of key markets.

And each of these new fans is looking for a team and a driver to support, and while most will go straight to the sharp end of the grid and the winning/big name drivers.

But it’s important that the teams a little further back who might not get as much tv time do as much as they can to try and engage with fans – both new and old (because existing F1 fans are important too guys!) – in order to get them on side.

And so Williams’ new ‘Global Fan Hub’ attempts to do just this – capturing the attention of fans everywhere, giving them the opportunity to enter competitions, win prizes, get ‘dedicated content’, engage with the team and generally have a lovely time whilst doing it, making them feel good about the Williams team.

Williams Global Fan Hub launched on the weekend of the 2021 USGP at Austin, and offered fans a chance to be crowned Williams biggest fan!

There’s no official confirmation of who this is yet, but Mrs M – my wife – is walking around with an extra swagger and a smugness you get when you beat your Williams fan husband in a test of knowledge and skill! (She was top of the leaderboard when the competition closed! 😀 )

Williams Racing Global Fan Hub

In an age where fan engagement is becoming increasingly important, and mutually beneficial, Williams want to be at the forefront of relationship building, and this is a good step towards that, and should ensure one of F1’s most liked and respected teams continue to be well supported in future.

Check out Williams Global Fan Hub here.


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