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Williams Racing reveals new livery

June 29, 2020

Ahead of the 2020 Formula 1 season, there was much intrigue around Williams’ livery for the forthcoming campaign.

It was rumoured that ROKiT – Williams’ title sponsor of 12 months – would have an increased presence on the all-new-for-2020 FW43, and with their branding being primarily black and red, would we see a red Williams for the first time since 1999?

I mean, admittedly, as far as F1 storylines go, it’s hardly up there with Crashgate or the Rich Energy debacle, but it’s the sort of thing that keeps us fans entertained in the off-season.

ROKiT’s portfolio of motorsport teams are all painted red, black and white, and so it was with some intrigue that when Williams teased its new car, it was bathed in red light.

As it transpired, Williams retained their traditional blue and white and combined it with a large chunk of red on either sidepod and on both front and back wings.

However, due to a parting of the ways between ROKiT & Williams before a wheel has even been turned in anger (for reasons that are still as yet unconfirmed), the team now find themselves having to remove all traces of the hotly anticipated red.

Obviously the most high profile consequence of this is as redesign of the FW43’s livery. Ahead of the launch of the new design I Tweeted my own idea of how I imagine the car looking.

I was a fan of the planned 2020 livery and so for me it made sense to switch around the logos and replace the red in its entirety with Williams heritage blue and say no more about it.

But the team chose to take a different route and, perhaps in an effort to distance themselves from ROKiT altogether, have come up with a completely different design.

Predominantly white, it features a light blue (as did its predecessor), and Williams’ favoured dark blue as an accent.

It’s clean and sharp and it looks great. And if the car’s a good’un it’s going to look even better!

What do you make of it? Beauty, or more of a beast? Let me know your thoughts on Twitter: @Wi77iamsF1


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