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Williams & ROKiT launch virtual tour app

July 18, 2019

ROKiT Williams Racing have launched a new app showcasing a number of the team’s collection of historic Formula 1 cars spanning their 40+ year history in the sport since debuting in 1977.

Williams Virtual Tour can be downloaded from your app store of choice and allows users to ‘explore the rich history of Williams Formula 1 cars’.

Once you enter you scroll through nine of the team’s most iconic cars and having made your choice, you open up a video containing interviews, historic footage of the cars in action, and of them today housed within the Williams Museum and a host of technical info.

Williams Museum App

Dickie Stanford - Williams F1 App

It provides a good amount of insight from key team members like Dickie Stanford and from the Williams family themselves.

It’s a very nicely designed and easy to use app, but there’s not a great deal to it – it’s essentially nine or so two or three minute videos joined together with a simple interface.

With forty years of rich content and one of sport’s most compelling stories there’s scope for a much more interactive and engaging experience, which is hopefully what Williams and ROKiT are building towards.

In the introduction Claire Williams, Williams Deputy Team Principal refers to ROKiT’s 3d phones, so perhaps they plan to make use of that platform in future to create a truly immersive Museum Experience that would sit you directly inside the cockpit – now that would be something worth investing in!

Having said that it’s definitely an app worth downloading, and it’s free. You might only spend half an hour using it, and beyond that there might be little reason to keep it, but you’ll certainly come away from it knowing something you didn’t before.

And if it does turn out to be phase 1 of a more complete, interactive and immersive project then it’s a great opener.

Next time though @dickiestanford uncross your arms fella!

Check it out on the App Store here or if you’re on Android, click here.


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