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Williams’ Sirotkin leading Sky Sports poll

November 20, 2018

We’re now almost at the conclusion of the 2018 Formula 1 season, with the final round in Abu Dhabi taking place this weekend.

Both drivers’ and constructors’ championships have been decided in favour of Mercedes and their #1 driver and now five times Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton.

And so the time for reflection quickly approaches. The ever changing, fast paced world of Formula 1 doesn’t generally allow much time to bask in any glory, however deserved, and so teams are already looking to the future, and how they can best prepare for 2019.

Williams is no exception, although they must build on lessons learned from a disastrous 2018 season that has seen them at the very bottom of both championships.

And so it’s down to the media, and us fans to debate the highs and lows of another Formula 1 season, and in the more nuanced and subjective elements that combine to make a campaign, who has done well and who has underperformed.

So it’s nice to see that Sergey Sirotkin is receiving some positive attention at the end of a long season during which he’s been forced to battle at every turn – with his team-mate, with his peers, and most noteably, with a pig of a car in the Williams FW41.

In the latest Sky Sports poll (which I’m sure Sky Sports wouldn’t have allowed to be rigged in any way!) to determine the best driver of the 2018 season, Williams driver Sergey Sirotkin leads the way with 58.8k votes. World Champion Lewis Hamilton is in an unfamiliar second place 19k votes back.

So in a head to head between Sirotkin and Hamilton in 2018 you could say that it’s a 1-1 draw: Hamilton has the World F1 Drivers Title and Sergey Sirotkin looks likely to end the season with the Sky Sports in-no-way-at-all-tampered-with best driver of the 2018 season award, which I’m sure you’ll agree are perfectly equal in terms of kudos, and achievement if not in terms of prize money.

Nice one Sergey – to end the season level with Lewis Hamilton is a great result, and the perfect springboard for 2019.

Roll on next season!!

What’s that? There’s still another race to perform miserably in yet??

Must have slipped my mind.


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